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IPFS Ahoy! [9-14-15]

Really, really happy to see Neocities supporting IPFS now -- my site is pinned to my local machine easy as pie. Now just need to tinker with some permanent "anti-server" IPFS node to keep a running archive of my site physically on my desk. dance dance I'm so excited.

Overshare: The Story [8-18-15]

You could probably call Justin Hall the Godfather of the indieweb. I'm like, super ashamed to admit that I only learned about him today. Here's his new documentary, where he chronicles his life on the web and off, and makes a great case for breaking out of our electronic siloes to meet eachother with kindness and gratitude. Plus, it has fantastic retro-internet vibes. Enjoy!!

Mighty Tieton [8-18-15]

Finally stopped by the Mighty Tieton facility in Tieton, WA. I've heard about their ambitious community-building and local development projects for years, but never really had a good sense of the scale or polish that's gone into their operation. Located in a tiny town of 1,200, their main facility (a 1960's fruit packing plant) houses entrepreneurial endeavors, art galleries, permanent installations, and a shipping and fulfillment center for locally-produced products. They also host and coordinate local events, large gatherings, and musical concerts. Keep an eye on these folks, and meet them if you can.